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Sarcastic blonde.


Cancer’s intact memory is one of their greatest assets. They can retain the facts, figures, faces and names that others easily forget. Gemini deal with memory by expressing it, and Cancer by remembering; - and they never forget a face or a birthday. His mind is a Polaroid snapshot

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cancers are sweet and disarming in appearance, its really like you just want to crawl into their lap and let them hold you. they are maternal and sympathetic people who try extremely hard to get out of their ‘down’ moods. sometimes they just want to be alone so they can’t hurt anybody

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“He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.”

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Psychologists say that “trying not to think about it” will only make things worse because suppressed thoughts, cravings, or emotions fight back and become stronger. A more successful method is to accept these feelings and find other distractions. Source

That is EXACTLY what my psychologist said to me….


Throwback to 4040 Vine Street and the Football Head who lived in the attic!


Marlene Dietrich 




my new siamese kitten came inside for the first time today


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Scientists have found a way to “switch off” autoimmune diseases by converting cells that attack healthy tissue into cells that protect against disease. This incredible breakthrough has the potential to save the lives of millions of people. Source

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My brothers best friend had this really rare brain cancer and after 6 years of fighting he past away on the 24th of December. A few days later we all went out to the ocean and spread his ashes because his one request was to be one with the sea so he could travel to all the places he would never get to experience. That 9 year old boy taught me everything about being a good person and this picture just brings back a lot of memories. Rest in peace Max Spartacus Kleinfeld.


powerful, this is an example of love

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